Dwayne Powers  Banging Mrs. Walters
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Banging Mrs. Walters

Model: Jessie
Length: 15 Minutes
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I have this lady that i work with, let's call her Jessie, who I catch always catch staring at me at work. She's always trying to flirt, but I really don't give her much play. One day she came in with these open-toed heels. Even though I shouldn't have, I told her that her shoes look nice. That was a mistake lol. She started flirting with me even HARDER! I wanted her to put her money where her mouth is...almost literally. I got her to come by my house one day to see if she was really down for some freaky stuff. After a long discussion, she said she would let me do what I wanted with her, on camera, but only if she wore a mask. She didn't want her family seeing her doing this stuff, especially with a black man. I strapped that golden shiny mask to her face and made her get on her knees. As you can see I was already as hard as a rock. She took one good look at it, opened her mouth wide and deep-throated as much as she could. I grabbed her head and pushed it roughly into her throat. I didn't know this granny could take so much in her mouth. I put Jessie in a chair and you can see all of her rolls just laying all out. I built up my courage and manned the harpoons that day! I pick up her legs and put them on my shoulders. Then I jammed my rod into that old fat pussy. It was very open for my man-stick. I bang that hole until you can see cream coming out. She was cumming on my dick almost immediately. Seems like she hasn't had a dick as big as mine, at least in a long time. I pulled it out and spread her old ass and pussy holes, squeezing those fluffy butt cheeks and gave her a good smack! Jessie climbs that mature body on top of me and I pound her from the bottom. I grab those flabby ass cheeks and expose those pink asshole. With every stroke she becomes looser and looser. She bounces that ass on me and her butt cheeks are flapping all over the place. I finally grab hold of whatever meat was available and roughly pound her from underneath. Jessie got on her knees in front of me. I poured oil all over her floppy ass so it shine while it bounced from my pounding. She gave me a short assjob and slid it in. Her ass sure know how to take a rough beating. She held her out way out for me to grab and pound as I pleased. That juicy booty bouncing on my dick made me cum so fast, I couldn't hold it in. I blasted cum all over her wet jiggly ass and she loved it!



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